Student success data

Enrollment data

Number of new students in each fall semester and number of students each year (annual unduplicated headcount) - overall and disaggregated (word, excel)

Course success

All courses (2012-23, excel)

By discipline (2012-23, excel), discipline by demographics (2017-23)

By year and demographics (2017-23)

Developmental communication arts and math courses (2012-23, excel)

Selected general education (2012-23, excel)

College-level courses - aggregated (2012-23, excel)

Retention rates

Fall-to-spring and fall-to-fall retention rates (2012-23, word, excel)

Graduation rates and numbers

Graduation rates and numbers (2012-23 word, excel)

Peer college data

Peer college data (2012-21, word, excel)

Vocational data

Vocational success rates (2017-23, word)

AIMS data

2023 AIMS data
2022 AIMS data
2021 AIMS data
2020 AIMS data
2019 AIMS data
2018 AIMS data