LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE. Fall 2018-19 Semester Information

Orientation 08/27/2018
Registration 08/27/2018 through 08/31/2018
Classes Begin 09/04/18

* Please keep in mind, some of the information on this schedule may change: please check with the registrar *

FALL 2018-19 Courses

LBHC Course Schedule
Course #Course NameCrInstructorDaysRoomTime
AC 105-1Fundamentals & Theory of Group Counseling3E. TinerTRL 2189:00-10:20
AG 100-1Introduction to Animal Science 3S. PlaggemeyerMW L 2051:00-2:20
AG 132-1Natural Resources Conservation3S. PlaggemeyerTRSL 11910:30-11:50
AG 133- 1Range Plants Lab1S. PlaggemeyerTSL 2132:30-4:30
BU 101-1The Economic Way of Thinking3FacultyTRL 2169:00-10:20
BU 111-1Intro to Business3FacultyMWL 2161:00-2:20
BU 122-1Introduction to Business Writing3G. BrienTR L 2162:30-3:50
BU 201-1Macroeconomics3FacultyTRL 21610:30-11:50
BU 221-1Principles of Financial Accounting3FacultyMWL 21610:30-11:50
BU 243-1Contemporary Business Math3A. CumminsTRCL 1521:00-2:20
CA 050-1Reading for College3J. PeaseMWCL 1512:30-3:50
CA 095-1Developmental Writing4J. PeaseMWCL 1512:30-4:30
CA 101-1College Writing I3G. BrienMWL 2181:00-2:20
CA 112-1Fund of Public Speaking3G. BrienMWL 2184:00-5:20
CA 201-1College Writing II3G. BrienTRL 2052:30-3:50
CA 211-1Fund of Interpersonal Communication3G. BrienMWL 2182:30-3:50
CS 101-1Crow Language I3R. Real BirdTRL 153 2:30-3:50
CS 102-1Crow Language II3R. Real BirdTR L 1534:00-5:20
CS 103-1Conversational Crow3FacultyMWL 2169:00-10:20
CS 108-1Literature of the American Indian3T. McClearyMWL 15310:30-11:50
CS 124-1Crow History3T. McClearyTRL 2182:30-3:50
CS 131-1Introduction to Native American Studies3T. McClearyTRL 21810:30-11:50
CS 134-1Music & Dance of the Crow Indians3R. Real BirdTRL 1531:00-2:20
CS 138-1History of the Crow Chiefs3FacultyRL 1535:00-8:00
CS 180-1Cultural Enrichment1T. BernardisRLPR12:00-1:00
CS 180-2Special Topics (Buffalo Hunt)1D. YarlottRFSSBCYCTBA
CS 211-1American Indian Thought & Philosophy3R. Real BirdTRL 15310:30-11:50
CS 226-1 Montana Indians 1851 to present3T. McClearyTRL 2181:00-2:20
CS 240-1Indian Education History & Issues3S. PeregoyMWL 2161:00-2:20
ED 100-1Skills for Success1P. WhitemanMWSUB Con2:30-3:30
ED 100-2Skills for Success1P. WhitemanTRSUB Con2:30-3:30
ED 120-1Schools and Society3S. PeregoyTRL 1539:00-10:20
ED 210-1Educational Technology2FacultyMCL 1525:00-7:00
ED 235-1Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum3S. PeregoyTRL 1534:00-5:20
ED 250-1Psychology of Learning/lab3S. PeregoyWL 1535:30-8:30
HE 202-1Core Health Concepts3A. CumminsMWCL 1522:30-3:50
HI 201-1US History I3T. McClearyMWL 1531:00-2:20
HS 230-1Introduction to Human Services3E. TinerMWL 21810:30-11:50
HS 231-1Human Relations3G. BrienMWL 2182:30-3:50
HS 232-1Fundamentals and Theory of Counseling3E. TinerTRL 20110:30-11:50
HS 276-1Clinical Practicum6FacultyTBA TBATBA
HU 136-1Intro to World Religions3J. PeaseMWCL 15110:30-11:50
HU 227-1American Indian Representation in Film3FacultyTL 2184:00-7:00
HW 101-1Cardio-Training Walk, Jog, Run I1W. Spotted BearTRHW9:00-10:20
HW 102-1Cardio-Training Walk, Jog, Run II1W. Spotted BearTRHW9:00-10:20
HW 104-1Intro to Yoga1A. Good LuckMWHW12:00-1:00
HW 110-1Exercise for Elders1A. Good LuckTRHW4:00- 5:00
HW 155-1Fundamentals of Martial Arts I1J. StewartTROrg Rm12:00-1:00
HW 255-1Fundamentals of Martial Arts II1J. StewartTR Org Rm12:00-1:00
HW 161-1Varisty Women's Basketball I1G. Kills NightM-FHWTBA
HW 162-1Varsity Women's Basketball II1G. Kills NightM-FHWTBA
HW 166-1Varsity Men's Basketball I1W. Spotted BearM-FHWTBA
HW 167-1Varsity Men's Basketball II1W. Spotted BearM-FHWTBA
HW 263-1Varisty Women's Basketball III1G. Kills NightM-FHWTBA
HW 264-1Varsity Women's Basketball IV1G. Kills NightM-FHWTBA
HW 268-1Varsity Men's Basketball III1W. Spotted BearM-FHWTBA
HW 269-1Varsity Men's Basketball IV1W. Spotted BearM-FHWTBA
IS 101-1Introduction to Computers & Applications3FacultyTRCL 1511:00-2:20
IS 102-1Microsoft Office Suite 3Faculty MWCL 21410:30-11:50
IS 103-1Microsoft Word3FacultyMWCL 21410:30-11:50
MA 061-1Basic Mathematics4FacultyMTWRLabTBD
MA 065-1Pre-Algebra4D. EastmanT/RCL 2149:00-11:00
MA 096-1Survey of Algebra4D. EastmanT/RCL 2149:00-11:00
MA 121-1College Algebra4D. EastmanMWCL 2141:00-3:00
MA 121-2College Algebra4A. CumminsTR CL 15210:30-12:30
MA 130-1Math for Elementary Teachers4FacultyMTWRL 2044:00-5:20
MA 171-1Calculus I 4D. EastmanMTWRCL 2142:30-4:30
MA 216-1Introduction to Statistics3A. CumminsMWCL 1529:00-10:20
MA 216-2Introduction to Statistics3D. EastmanTRCL 1524:00-5:20
PY 101-1Introduction to Psychology3E. TinerMWL 2189:00-10:20
PY 102-1American Indian Psychology3A. CumminsTR CL 1522:30-3:50
PY 230-1Introduction to Human Services/Mental Health3E. TinerMWL 21810:30-11:50
PY 250-1Psychology of Learning/lab3S. PeregoyWL 2165:30-8:30
SC 114-1Survey of Biology3G. MorrisonMWSL 1191:00-2:20
SC 115-1Survey of Biology Lab1G. MorrisonWSL 1192:30-4:30
SC 121-1Introduction to General Chemistry3N. Tall BearMWSL 1179:00-10:20
SC 125-1Introduction to General Chemistry Lab1N. Tall BearTSL 1179:00-11:00
SC 122-1Organic and Biochemistry3N. Tall BearMWSL 1171:00-2:20
SC 123-1Organic and Biochemistry lab1N. Tall BearRSL 1172:30-4:30
SC 132-1Natural Resources Conservation3S. PlaggemeyerTRSL 11910:30-11:50
SC 133-1Range Plants Lab1S. PlaggemeyerTSL 2132:30-4:30
SC 141-1Chemistry3N. Tall BearMW SL 11710:30-11:50
SC 142-1Chemistry Lab1N. Tall BearRSL 1179:00-11:00
SC 160-1Principles of Living Systems 3G. MorrisonTRSL 1191:00-2:20
SC 161-1Principles of Living Systems Lab1G. MorrisonTSL 1192:30-4:30
SC 160-2Principles of Living Systems (hybrid)3S. PlaggemeyerTRL 2052:30-3:50
SC 161-2Principles of Living Systems Lab1S. PlaggemeyerRSL 2132:30-4:30
SC 210-1Anatomy & Physiology I3G. MorrisonMWSL 11910:30-11:50
SC 215-1Anatomy & Physiology I Lab1G. MorrisonMSL 1172:30-4:30
SC 218-1Medical Terminology3G. MorrisonTRL 20410:30-11:50
SC 236-1Current Topics in Biology2S. PlaggemeyerTR SL 1199:00-10:20
SC 244-1Environmental Science3S. PlaggemeyerTRSL 1191:00-2:20
SS 101-1Introduction to Sociology3J. PeaseMWCL 1511:00-2:20
TRD 100-1OHSA 10 September 20181D. De FerWRSUB Con8:00-12:30
WLDG 170-1Welding Fabrication I4T. DavisMTWCompass Lab9:00-10:30
WLDG 171-1Welding Fabrication I Lab4M. MorganM, T, RHHS wldg lab4:30-7:30