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Work Study Opportunities

Work Study: Work opportunities are available to qualified students in the form of work study. There are two types of work study:

  • Federal College Work Study (FCWS) is a federally funded need-based program. Students who answered "yes" to question 28 on the FAFSA form and have need may be awarded FCWS. FCWS is available in various areas on campus with off-campus community service jobs as reading and math tutors. Although every effort is made to provide students with FCWS jobs, the College cannot guarantee a student will be able to earn the amount of money initially awarded. FCWS will be as part of the student's financial aid package if they are awarded.
  • Institutional Work Study is for those students who do not qualify for any federal assistance.

Student's who wish to participate in Federal College Work Study or Institutional Work Study need to contact the Financial Aid office to make arrangements and to verify eligability.