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Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are paid to students by crediting their student billing account in the Finance office. Any amount remaining after the student's bills are paid will be disbursed to the student.

The majority of scholarship assistance is allocated to students working towards their first AA degree. Some scholarship programs may allow scholarship assistance to students holding an AA degree and completing coursework toward a Bachelor's Degree.

The Financial Aid office has an assortment of information pertaining to Grants and Scholarships. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Director or the Financial Aid Assistant for questions reqarding these matters.

Grants & Scholarship Links

Federal Pell Grant: The Federal Pell Grant is a program designed to provide financial aid to undergraduate students working towards their first degree. The U.S. Department of Education administers the Pell Grant and determines the funding amount available to the student. The purpose of the Pell Grant is to provide funding for educational expenses. Pell Grants are disbursed to students in one payment within the semester for those students that have completed their file in the financial aid office and have met all requirements.

Federal Pell Grant will pay for only one repeated course; if a student does not pass a course the first semester and repeats the course the second semester itis payable, however, after the second semester, Federal Pell Grant will not pay for the repeated course.

Students are allowed up to two Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degrees at Little Big Horn College. After acquiring two degrees at LBHC, students are encouraged to go on to a four-year institution so that they will not exhaust their Federal Pell Grant at Little Big Horn College. Pell will provide funding for six semesters (150 percent) of study at a two-year college. Students pursuing a second AA degree at Little Big Horn College will be asked to appeal their Federal Pell Grant so that they understand they may exhaust their federal funding at Little Big Horn College.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): This grant is for undergraduates with exceptional financial need; priority is given to Pell Grant recipients, depending on availability of funds.

Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG): The Higher Education Reconciliation Act (HERA) established the Academic Competitiveness Grant. The ACG program is intended to encourage, respectively, rigorous academic study in High School and enrollment in college majors in the area of physical, life and computer science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and certain foreign languages. Accordingly, the eligibility criteria relates to these goals.

Montana Higher Education Grant (MHEG): To qualify for the MHEG, a student must be a resident of the state of Montana, be eligible for financial aid, be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate student for a minimum of twelve credits per semester, and have substantial financial need.

Acce$$ Grant: Student Assistance Foundation, a nonprofit corporation based in Helena, has awarded Little Big Horn College the Acce$$ Grant to help students whose unmet financial need is creating a barrier to continuing their education. Award amounts vary by individual need, and are determined by the financial aid office.


The Little Big Horn College scholarship committee reviews all scholarship applications and approves/disapproves all scholarship allocations. The committee is comprised of the Dean of Students, Dean of Academics, Dean of Administration, Chief Finance Officer, Registrar, President, Department Heads, and Financial Aid Staff.

Merit-Based Scholarships: This scholarship is based on academic performance. A 3.3 minimum cumulative grade point average is required. An exception may be made if there are not enough students with the above cumulative GPA, then students with a 3.00 cumulative GPA will be considered. Student must have unmet need.

American Indian College Fund (A*CF): American Indian Higher Education Consortium member colleges determine student eligibility for the scholarships provided through A*CF. In some cases donors may place restrictions on scholarships (i.e. scholarship must be awarded to a female studying nursing). LBHC has the discretion to place additional restrictions the scholarships, such as number of credits taken or grade point average. A*CF scholarships must be awarded only to those students currently enrolled at a tribal college. In addition, Canadian citizens are not eligible to receive A*CF scholarships, however, those students with dual U.S./Canadian citizenship are eligible. Examples of scholarships granted through A*CF are the tuition scholarship for students who have a high Expect Family Contribution (EFC), and the first time freshman scholarship for those students who have not attended college before.

Lumina Angel Fund: Lumina Foundation for Education created the Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Aid Program and the Angel Fund Program to provide emergency financial assistance to community college students who are at risk of dropping out. Both programs are three-year pilot projects administered respectively by Scholarship American and the American Indian College Fund.

Tuition Scholarship: Tuition scholarship(s) are available to seniors (55 yrs or older), Little Big Horn College employee(s) and Board of Trustee's members for one class only.

Crow Nation Education Department: The Crow Nation Education Department provides funding through the Crow Higher Education Grant, Adult Vocational Training Program, and Crow Tribal Grant. Students should contact the Crow Nation Education Department for additional information at (406) 638-3711.

Veterans Benefits: The Department of Veterans Affairs administers several education programs. They have specific names and are also referred to by Chapter numbers. Each program provides different benefits for different groups of individuals. For VA Education Program forms come to the Financial Aid Office. The Veterans' Upward Bound Program may also assist with educational expenses; for this program call (406) 657-2075.