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Directed Individualized Studies

This program allows for the student to take initiative and ownership of their course of study. Working with their chosen faculty advisor, students will be able to create their own major by choosing from the variety of courses offered by LBHC and adding independent study work and internships. This program will assist students who are interested in a variety of topics such as Forestry, Chemical Dependency, Human Rights, Tribal Management etc.

To declare an Individualized Major, students must:
  1. Decide upon a major, a title for their major, and have some idea of the courses they feel will help them complete their major.
  2. Meet with a faculty member whom they will ask to direct them in this major. The faculty member should specialize in the field in which the student is interested. This meeting must occur no later than two semesters before the student plans to graduate; ideally, the student should meet with a potential advisor during the first semester of enrollment.
  3. If the faculty member agrees to be the director of this individualized program, this faculty member will help the student finalize the selection of courses to be taken by the student and will agree to lead an independent study course in the student's final semester before graduation.
  4. In order to submit a proposal to academic council students will define and title their major. They will explain the focus of their major.
  5. Once the design of the individualized major has been completed, the student's director will submit it to the LBHC academic council for approval.
Course Requirements for Individualized Majors:
  • Core Requirements (35 credits)
  • Courses supporting the focus of their major (24 credits)
    • These courses should be taken within two or more of the departments at LBHC. 12 of these credits should be 200 level courses.
  • DI 280-Special Topics (3 credits)
    • This class will be an independent study course with their director/advisor that will address the particular topic/focus of their major. This independent study should result in a major research paper or project that will be submitted to the director at the end of the semester.